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To All The People Who Want To Earn Extra Money From The Comfort Of Their Own Home But Struggle To Do So Consistently Or Have Yet To Earn A Single Dime Online...

I've Got A Plan For You That  Walks You Through Baby Steps Every Day Of The Month Until You Actually Make Money! 

This "Beginner Friendly" Plan Gives You Small
Assignments To Complete For The Next 31 Days...

  • There is nothing for you to figure out on your own.
  • The plan is reasonable for anyone to follow along day by day.
  • It takes you from "Scratch to the Sale" - from nothing to orders.

From: Garry Sayer
RE: Creating Money Making Small Reports!

Dear Frustrated Marketer,

It would surprise me - greatly - if you already know how easily you can make money by selling small reports of less than 15 pages in length.

Not writing a book that sells at bookstores or on online marketplaces. Not self-publishing a manual through direct mail. Not creating a full-length information product. Not even writing a 50-75 page eBook.

I'm talking about writing tiny, 7-15 page small reports that sell like crazy.

Small reports about virtually anything -

  • Homeschooling
  • Madden® Football
  • Fishing
  • Playing Golf
  • Restoring Mustangs
  • Youth ministry
  • Marriage
  • Small Business
  • Teaching Sunday School
  • Skincare
  • Paintball
  • Retirement
  • Living with M.S.
  • Overcoming Addiction
  • Fundraising
  • Discount Travel

And none of them has to be any longer than a mere 15 pages. Child's play, right? You can write 15 pages in your sleep - even if you're not a "writer". (Especially with the step-by-step system I'm going to give you below!)

If you're looking for a good way to make money on the Internet that really does work, then let me explain this completely unique approach to "small reports marketing". But, first, let me break the bad news to you. 

Why Most Writers And Ebook Authors
Are Working Way Too Hard (And Your Shortcut!) ...

Making money by selling information is nothing new. The problem is, up until now, most people are working way too hard at it.

1)    Book Writers are working way too hard! Trying to find a publisher can take a long time ... and rejections are hard to take. Self-publishing is often costly and time-consuming. Even getting your book into circulation rarely means any "real" money for most writers.    

2)    Ebook Authors are working way too hard!
Most people who START an ebook never FINISH it. Why? Because writing a 50-75 page (or even more!) manual just isn't very easy. And, even if you do get it done, you've worked hard at it for an extended period of time.  The average ebook author that I've talked to, who actually gets their ebook written, spends about 2-3 months writing it.    

3)    Information Publishers are working way too hard!
The "in" thing to do right now is create huge physical products (DVDs, manuals, binders, the works) to sell at a premium price. Come on, who wants to work that hard when you can make just as much money in 1/10 of the time invested?

Listen, maybe you're not a writer, ebook author or information publisher ... maybe you're an "opportunity seeker" just looking for a way to make money. I've got news for you, even "opportunity seekers" are working too hard!

Think of all the email promos, turnkey websites, auctions, advertising revenue schemes and so forth that are bombarding you night and day.

Wouldn't it be nice to finally settle on one simple thing to do that works for YOU?!

I don't know about you, but I'd much rather spend my time doing what I want to do and enjoying my life!

You Won't Believe What I Discovered
About Making Money Online...

I started writing small reports -- just short 7-15 pages -- and sold them like crazy. As I continued to write more reports, my customers bought from me again and again.

I realized that that I could write a small report in just a couple
of hours and have new sales coming in virtually anytime I wanted to!

Let me quickly share SEVEN REASONS why writing small reports can be such a big money-maker for you...

1)    HIGH PROFIT. Since your reports will be in "digital" format (I.E. Your customers download them to their computer), there is "ZERO" cost to duplicate. Sell a $17 small report and keep $17! (Less processing fees)    

You can literally create a small report in one day (8 hours) and can start from scratch (with NOTHING) and actually produce sales in a very short amount of time!    

3)    EASY TO DO.
Creating a small report is very easy to do with my step-by-step system... much easier than trying to write a full-length book or even "ebook". You only need 7-15 pages of content to make money!    

There is really no cap on how much money you can make this year (and long-term for the remainder of your life) with this business. You can continue growing your info-empire for years to come!    

You get to work your own schedule from wherever you choose. Your small report business is completely portable. (Heck, I know people who write from an RV at a campground out in the middle of the woods!)    

Everything is setup to take orders automatically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You're not limited like a traditional business is - you're always "open" even when you're asleep! Your web site processes orders from around the world while you're enjoying life.    

You don't need to know how to do anything (other than follow instructions) to build a small reports business. If you're a writer, that's a "bonus", but it's not necessary. Everything is explained in "kindergarten" detail so anyone can follow along.

This very same business model helped me create and co-create several reports that sold well over at the Warrior Forum... see PROOF below:




So if you want to make money writing and selling tiny information products, then I've got good news...

Introducing: "One Month Small Reports Mastery " Your 31-Day Guide To Making Money Writing And Selling 7-15 Page Small Reports!

In One Month Small Reports Mastery, everything is broken down into daily action steps for 31 days. Most daily assignments are very quick to complete (you could easily do 4-5 in one day if you wanted)...

And I've just given it a lick of paint and updated it for 2014.

Here are just a few things you'll discover inside...

  • The age-old marketing law that is the basis for earning maximum profit with minimal effort in the information business.
  • 3 simple rules for choosing a red-hot "market" full of eager-beaver, hungry buyers to buy not one or two, but dozens of your small reports!
  • 21 highly-profitable "markets" that are proven to generate revenue in the information business - pick one of these that matches up to your own interests and save yourself time researching - I've done it for you!
  • The ONLY 2 "criteria" you need to consider in selecting a topic to write about for your small report ... you can check these in minutes instead of wasting a lot of time evaluating to find topics of high demand and interest!
  • 7 "idea hangouts" where you can quickly find enough ideas to write your next 10-15 small reports! Note: When you know what to look for, you'll have so many ideas that your toughest choice will be to decide which one to write first!
  • How to use other people's costly research to find out what those most likely to buy from you have the greatest interest in ... without spending a penny!
  • 3 questions to ask in choosing the title for your small report. Hint: Your title is absolutely critical to the success (or, gulp, the failure) of your project and can literally mean the difference between so-so sales and a best-seller!
  • The P.A.G.E.S. system for brainstorming, outlining and writing your small report - more than teaching you just "what" to write, I'll show you "how" to write faster, easier and better!
  • 5 fill-in-the-blank "content templates" you can use to effortlessly write paragraph after paragraph - even if you don't consider yourself a writer. Hint: These helpful prompts can be worked into any spot of any report.
  • A crash-course in "packaging" your small report including 7 specific pages to include in your content, along with 8 formatting elements to use in designing your pages. Hint: I share everything from creating headers/footers to using indentions and boldface text!
  • The pricing triangle - 3 "rules" to help you choose the price for your small report that makes you the most money ... and how you can have direct and personal influence over how much your customers will spend!
  • How to create a unique sales proposition that makes your small report stick out like ketchup on white clothing! Included are the top two ways to get others scrambling to buy your product now.
  • 20 different ways your small report can be "positioned" differently than anyone else's competing product + 8 case study examples of how to effectively "nichefy" your small report to get extra sales.
  • A step-by-step course in copywriting; there's no need to buy additional high-priced courses (nor hire a pricey copywriter).This complete tutorial walks you through the steps for writing an order-producing salesletter!
  • 5 ways to use preheadlines, 3 keys to your primary headline, 2 ideas for winning postheadlines, 6 ways to introduce your product, 3 ways to prove your results, 3 keys to effective use of bullet lists, 3 rules for creating a call to action, 3 ways to use a postscript and much more!
  • How to get your web site visitors to stop "fence-setting" and place an order with you right now, today!
  • My unique S.E.T.U.P. system: Select a domain name, establish web site hosting, think about the order process, upload your files and prepare for your first order - you'll learn every step in non-technical terms anyone can understand!
  • Technical training videos (links inside the .pdf) that eliminate overwhelm and get you doing all the important technical tasks like a PRO. Even those you previously found fiendishly difficult or just downright impossible to implement!
  • 8 easy steps to verify your order-process to make sure your customer can visit your site, place an order and download your small report without you having to lift a finger!
  • The BEST marketplaces to sell your reports so you get more eyeballs on your offers, and more eager affiliates promoting your products and driving sales whilst you sit back and watch the money roll in!
  • My fresh, exciting and powerful 'YouTube No Video Traffic Hack' strategy that sends a deluge of traffic to your small report offer. Follow this and you'll make sales of your small report EVERY DAY!
  • Plus much, much, MORE!

This 82-page course is concise, but comprehensive. No fluff. No filler. Just meaty steps to follow, taking you from "start to finish".


EVERY marketer should have this - from newbie to guru - as it covers all the critical steps!

I just finished reading through 'One Month Small Reports Mastery' - and I've got to say - it really hit the spot in the way it focuses on ethical strategies to build an information product business.

What I think is especially useful is that the report covers the three stages:

Choosing a niche

Creating a short report (to build a buyers list - powerful strategy)

And ... how to cash in.

I know for a lot of people - getting the initial idea for a report can be difficult - but again, Garry has you covered with a simple process to take out all the uncertainty. He even goes so far as to provide a lot of niche ideas to get. When you put that together with the two ways to create quick reports -  it makes the whole process VERY easy.

What is really great about the Small Reports Mastery guide - is that it gives you enough in each key area, to get started, without needing to be an expert. So - if copywriting is new to you, or pricing is - then you needn't worry, Garry has you covered.

For me - I thought this was already enough - and then I find even website hosting and setting up your page is covered! At this point the report had me floored.

It then took it a stage further, by showing how you can get free traffic for your new short report, online and offline.

An absolutely fantastic, comprehensive report that is a stupendous bargain - EVERY marketer should have this - from newbie to guru - as it covers all the critical steps!

Highly recommended,

Steve Benn

Great product... amazing step-by-step instruction manual!

What a great product!  

One Month Small Reports Mastery is an amazing step-by-step instruction manual.  And this one is not a 'small report' itself, but 85 pages of exactly what to do, day-by-day for results.  

The steps could apply to writing ebooks, or developing programs also. Thanks for sharing your years of experience.

Lisa Halpin

You really have nailed the subject!

Just finished reading through your report, “One Month Small Reports Mastery” and to say I’m impressed would be too light a comment.

You really have nailed the subject.

Please accept not only my thanks, but my gratitude for what will be the foundation for a successful business.

Feel free to use my name and any remarks I make in your advertising.

In fact, if you’d like more … just ask.

Thanks again and I look forward to receiving any further help from your Internet arsenal.

Mike Dods (aka Scott Michaels) 

Far superior than anything else I have read!

Here is my feedback on One Month Small Reports Mastery.

I have purchased other information products on how to write and market small reports, but Garry's One Month Small Reports Mastery program is far superior than anything else I have read.

It truly is the only program I know of that is complete starting with how to choose a market for your report and ending with how to market the report you just created.

Plus there is some additional information at the end on how to be more productive and 21 ideas for your next report. If you want to learn how to write and market small reports, this is the holy grail of small reports."



You have hit on the easy simple introduction of doing 'one thing a day'!

When  saw the 'One Month Small Reports Mastery' , I was truly excited as I have always wanted to do that.

I'm of an age where I have picked up a lot of interesting tid-bits that I know I can turn into an income.

So when I saw your course, I decided this was my chance.

The problem with new information is that it's just too much at once! But you have hit on the easy simple introduction of doing 'one thing a day'!

So, I'm looking forward to starting! I'm going to just do it and I know that I  can give people info they want or didn't know they needed!

Thanks for the opportunity!

Eleanor Campbell

I'm very much looking forward to writing my first mini report tomorrow morning!

I found this report to be very informative, well presented and easy to understand.

The bite size chunks it's broken in to make the information easier to consume and register, as often information products can be overwhelming making it more susceptible to never being opened or read again.

I'm very much looking forward to writing my first mini report tomorrow morning.

Lee Colvin

This is the exact blueprint I intend to use!

I found the One Month Small Reports Mastery report to be a very thorough guide to writing, publishing and promoting small reports.

The report is an advertisement for itself as Garry demonstrates how to do it. This is the exact blueprint I intend to use.

Alan Stransman

I really appreciated how thorough you were!

Just finished reading "One Month Small Reports Mastery". I really appreciated how thorough you were. I especially liked the list of ideas to help brainstorm your next report.

Thanks again,

Kelly S. Bishop

It pushed me over a major road block in my writing!

Garry I am impressed with One Month Small Reports Mastery. It pushed me over a major road block in my writing. I have completed about a 20 page report on the 4 Seasons of the Universe.

I did not follow all of your advice about selecting a topic but this is one I wanted to write and it sales potential is not important. Thanks for all of the good work.

Bud Evans

This is real feedback from real marketers of all levels.

Just Say "Maybe "  And Get Your No-Risk Copy Of "One Month Small Reports Mastery" Immediately Below...

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If you aren't completely satisfied, just email me and I'll refund your money. It's that simple. You get to work through the 31-daily assignments at ZERO RISK to yourself. Go ahead, try them out. Test this system thoroughly. I'm confident of the results.

At any rate, you have nothing to lose. And money to gain.

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Yes Garry! I want this beginner friendly plan for creating small 7-15 page profitable small reports.

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  • The 83 page meaty and actionable 21,000+ word main manual! VALUE $47
  • A bunch of unannounced bonuses and goodies! VALUE $47

To your small reports success,



P.S. And remember you're covered by my 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you're not thrilled with your purchase I demand you contact me at for a full refund.

Purchases of this product are guaranteed for a FULL 30 Days. Please note that ALL Refund  Requests MUST be made to Garry Sayer support OR I will NOT receive them.

There is no promise or representation that you will make a certain amount of money, or any money, or not lose money, as a result of using our products and services. Any earnings, revenue, or income statements are strictly estimates. There is no guarantee that you will make these levels for yourself. As with any business, your results  will vary and will be based on your personal abilities, experience, knowledge, capabilities, level of desire, and an  infinite number of variables beyond our control, including variables we or you have not anticipated. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. Each person's results will vary. There are unknown  risks in any business, particularly with the Internet where advances and changes can happen quickly. The use of  our information, products and services should be based on your own due diligence and you agree that we are not liable for your success or failure.